Advantages - Marketing & Communications
Research shows it's your brand that matters!

Castle Store Development Program

Castle helps stores strengthen their competitive position in their communities through its turnkey Store Development Program. The comprehensive store and yard marketing program is based on strategic choices tailored to each facility, the priorities of each independent owner, and the local business environment.  Contact.

Castle Flyer Advertising Programs

Castle's advertising flyer programs are professionally designed, affordable, and help you brand your store in your community. Solutions include: Monthly customizable turnkey print flyer program. Flyer inserts (for hardware and other categories).  Online flyer. Custom flyers, ads, and price cards. Members choose the solutions that work best for them and you only pay for what
they use. Contact.

Castle Online Flyer Program

Launching in 2013, Castle will offer the Total Solutions Online Flyer Program to members. It's fully customizableto the needs of each dealer. Contact.

EMS (Electronic Member Services)

Knowledge is power. EMS is everything members need, all in one place - online. From news about upcoming area and national group meetings, pool buys, promotional buys, lumber and commodity reports, market pricing reports, retail benchmarking and buying guides to Castlecare and it's the hub for many other Castle member services. Contact.

Castle's National Marketing Programs

National contests, TV, radio and print campaigns, special events, customized store websites, promotions, credit card programs, gift card programs and member support are just some of the offerings. All are opt-in and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each independent. Contact.

Castle TV

Customized instore information and location-specific content, news feeds and entertainment improves your customer experience, talks to customers at the point of sale and Castle TV inspires customer loyalty. Contact.

Castle Mobile App

Customers are just a click away from reaching the castle store in their area. Castle's app makes it easy to request a quote, find a store, click on the store's website, map or phone number. And, it's easy to list all your favorite locations - close to home, work, cottage, friends and family. Contact.

Castle Publications - 28,000 Circulation

Contractors look forward to getting their Contractor Advantage mailed to their business. Subscriptions include special feature publications: Ideas Magazine and Rough Construction. Three ways Castle helps your contractors grow their business. Available by subscription and instore. Plus, there's "Home & Cottage Plans," available as a booklet and also online (where it's easy for consumers and contractors to browse 2,000 plans) Click here to subscribe.

Reach over 30,000 Contractors across Canada with Castle's industry leading print & digital publications, Advertise with us.

Castle Web4U Program

CastleWeb4U has proven to drive sales into member's stores. It empowers members to manage their own online promotions and build relationships within their local community. Research proves that "it's your local brand that matters!"  Contact.

Special Events - Regional Buying Expos, Tradeshows, Conventions

Castle hosts some of the industry's most memorable events. Some are family oriented. All are designed to help you grow your business and enhance the relationships you have with other members and vendors. There is a momentum at Castle and you can hear our members speak about it.

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Additional Advantages

Hardware Solutions

Members have over a hundred options, from the world's largest independent hardware distributor to regional specialists. At Castle, it's always about what's right for the member's needs. Click here for more details

Vendor Payment Guarantee

Over 400 vendors supply Castle with national brands, exceptional performance, uncompromised quality and competitive pricing. Castle guarantees payment of every order, and that means vendors like to build a relationship with castle members. Contact.

Watch what members have to say about the advantages of Castle.
Contact the Business Development Manager in your area.