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Castle Announces Another New Member Location in Ontario

News Release December 12, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today that current shareholder Wood Works of Renfrew has acquired a second location in Burnstown, Ontario.

Burnstown Building Supplies will be the newest Castle Building Centres in the Ottawa Valley. It was only one year ago that Bruce Gannon and Laurie Wichers-Schreur purchased their current Castle location, Wood Works of Renfrew, from a retiring Castle shareholder. When the neighbouring location had to close its doors, they considered the opportunity and thought it was the right time to expand their business. The region has seen extensive residential growth in the past few years, and the new Castle location is situated right in the heart of growth region.

“Our goal is to create a “destination” store for our customers. We are driven and committed, and along with our knowledgeable staff, we will bring our customers a whole new experience when they come to this location.” - Laurie Wichers-Schreur, Co-Owner

Burnstown Building Supplies is located approximately 15 kilometres from the Renfrew store and will be providing the same great lumber, hardware and building supply inventory, with the addition of some seasonal products.

“Castle is very happy and proud of the growth that we have seen Wood Works of Renfrew experience over the last year. We know that they will bring the same passion and commitment to their new location in Burnstown!” - Doug Keeling, Business Development Manager, Central Region.

The team at Burnstown Building Supplies is excited for the store opening in March after a large-scale renovation and planning a Grand Opening celebration to the community in early June.

“Castle is committed to the success of our members and we continue to see organic growth within our membership. Our business model allows our members to be more profitable by providing the tools and support they need for continued success and growth. Congratulations to Bruce and Laurie on their expansion.” - Ken Jenkins, Castle President

Castle is pleased to welcome Burnstown Building Supplies to the family.

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Castle Announces New Ontario Location

News Release November 27, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today that a new member has joined the group in North Western Ontario.

Rainy River Hardware is the newest independent retailer taking their future success into their own hands by joining the Castle group. Rainy River is situated southeast of Lake of the Woods and strategically located on the Rainy River, which forms part of the Ontario-Minnesota segment of the Canada–US border.

The full-service hardware retailer was originally established in 1981 and taken over almost 20 years ago by current owner Millie Lindal. Together with her sons Cory and Lance, the family has developed an outstanding reputation for quality and service in their community by supplying a full spectrum of hardware merchandise to the local market.

“When our former buying group changed management, they were no longer supporting the independent retailer and we needed to find a new hardware solution. We weighed the pros and cons of staying independent or partnering with another banner and found that with Castle, there was no need to choose. Castle offered the best of both worlds and had a proven hardware solution already in place.” - Millie Lindal, Rainy River Hardware, Owner

Rainy River Hardware is excited for their re-branding as Castle and looking forward to their Grand Opening in early January when they will introduce Castle Building Centres to the community, and their valued customers.

“Rainy River Hardware is yet another great example of successful independent entrepreneurs who recognize that Castle is the future of the Independent. With Castle, our members do not compromise their independence and have the support of a group that has their success at the top of their agenda. We welcome Rainy River Hardware to the Castle family.” - Ken Jenkins, Castle President

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Castle welcomes new member in Maritimes

News Release August 21, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

The Maritime region continues to grow as Castle announced today their newest independent member located in New Brunswick. Located in the heart of the Fredericton business area, the new member location has moved to Castle from a competing banner.

Owner Gerald Storey was looking for a buying group that provided a transparent business model and one that would offer better dealer support and assist in strengthening his brand in the local area.

When I considered my options, I knew Castle was the right fit for us, and joining the group will help me grow my business and the buying power will help us be more competitive.” - Gerald Storey, Owner

Ultimate Windows & Doors has been operating in Fredericton for over ten years. Their retail location serves Fredericton contractors and consumers in the local area specializing in windows, doors and siding, as well as a full-line of hardware products. They are looking forward to a bigger product assortment and hope to work with other Castle member locations in the Maritimes to reinforce their company name.

“Castle continues to attract members from competing banners. At Castle there are no surprises; our business model is simple and it works, and that’s why Castle continues to be the future of the Independent.” - Ken Jenkins, President

Castle is pleased to welcome Ultimate Windows & Doors to the group.

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Castle welcomes new CBS member with 9 locations

News Release August 9, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today that Crossroads C & I has joined the Castle Group as a Commercial Building Supply (CBS) member. Crossroads Central and Eastern Divisions operate nine locations in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Their regional head office is located in Toronto, Ontario and the company specializes in the distribution of commercial and industrial insulation products and accessories.

Established in 1963, Crossroads C & I has supplied over 50 million square feet of products to date to commercial contractors, architects, engineers and project specifiers. They are looking forward to Castle’s buying power and the opportunity to expand their product assortment through the CBS division.

“Castle offered the most buying power and product assortment while allowing Crossroads C & I to operate independently and continue being successful doing business our way.”  Bob Fellows, Regional Director for Central & Eastern Canada

Their product assortment includes a full line of commercial, thermal and acoustical insulation to be enhanced with new products and accessories with their move to Castle.

“We consider Crossroad C & I joining the Castle group a great achievement for the Commercial Building Supply division proving again that Castle is the future of Independents across Canada.”  Ken Jenkins, Castle President

Castle is pleased to welcome Crossroads C & I to the group.

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Castle announces new member in the Maritimes

News Release July 17, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced a new member location in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. Trinity Maintenance Solutions Ltd. has opened their doors as the newest Castle location in Stellarton, NS. This location is part of the Trinity Energy Group of Companies, which has been operating for over ten years.

The company was founded by Dwaine & Karen MacDonald back in 2006. They began as local experts on making homes and commercial dwellings more energy efficient, and specialized in products to meet these needs. They felt the timing was right to expand into a more extensive line of home improvement and hardware products to better service the needs of the growing demand.

“We made a point of studying each Buying Group to determine the best fit for Trinity. After much consideration, we felt Castle offered the greatest benefits of joining a buying group, like the group’s transparency, the buying power, and annual rebates. We feel Castle will open up additional opportunities for our business.” Dwaine MacDonald, Owner

The team at Trinity includes over 80 professionals and branches in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They are looking forward to this new venture and serving the community as a Castle Building Centres location.

“Another example of a successful independent entrepreneur putting their trust into Castle’s winning business model. When Independents want to grow their businesses, they know Castle will deliver. Castle is the future of the Independent.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

Castle would like to welcome Trinity to the family.

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Castle member expands to 10 locations in Newfoundland

News Release July 12, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today that member Notre Dame Agencies has purchased their 10th retail location - the former Warr’s Castle in Springdale, Newfoundland & Labrador.

Warr's began in the early 1900s as a logging and sawmill operation. Mid-century the business expanded into hardware and building supplies to better serve the people of Springdale. The business grew over the decades into a full-service lumber, building materials and hardware, and became the go-to retail location for contractors and consumers alike.

Cluny Sheppard, who already owns and operates nine other Castle locations, recognized this opportunity to purchase the Castle location as an excellent fit for their retail chain with their established customer base and prime location. This strategic initiative of purchasing the existing reputable business is a testament to why Notre Dame Agencies is so successful and has become a dominant player in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“We are pleased to announce that we have purchased the assets of Warr’s Castle Building Centre in Springdale. This will be our 10th Castle location on the island and we look forward to serving the people of Springdale and surrounding areas.”
Cluny Sheppard, Notre Dame Agencies

Manager Peter Young and his experienced and dedicated staff are one of the keys to the longevity of Warr's Castle Building Centre, and the team is looking forward to continuing the success as part of Notre Dame Agencies.

“A buying group focused on member success will see continued growth both organically and through new membership. Castle delivers on this promise by delivering a business model that is in line with our member’s goals, encourages freedom, and provides the tools necessary for their success. Congratulations to the Sheppard family on this remarkable milestone.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

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Growth in Atlantic Canada Continues

News Release June 1, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

As Castle continues to break records in 2017, Atlantic Canada is no exception.

Castle announced today their newest independent member located in Baie Verte, Newfoundland. John-Rogers Hardware opened their doors as Castle Building Centres last week in their picturesque town located in White Bay on the northeast coast of the province.

The brand new Castle location has been in the works for some time according to owners Dwayne and Gail Rogers who have been entrepreneurs in the community for decades. With the help of Castle, they hope to grow their small business into the “preferred choice” of the local community and beyond. “Castle was always our first choice, and the competitive programs Castle offers will enable us to complete our dream of starting our own building supply business.” Dwayne and Gail Rogers

Currently, the retail store offers an extensive assortment of electrical, plumbing, hardware and interior finishes. They plan to eventually grow the building supply area of their business to be the dominant player in Baie Verte. General Manager Gail Rogers is excited to be part of the Castle group, and along with a team of home improvement experts, she is looking forward to serving the community and offering unmatched service excellence.

“Castle’s business model makes it possible for entrepreneurs like John-Rogers Hardware to realize their dreams of becoming a successful independent LBM and hardware dealer. Only Castle can offer a “One-Stop Retail Solution” that delivers maximum growth potential and buying power.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

Castle would like to welcome John-Rogers Hardware to the family.

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Castle Welcomes New Member in Ontario

News Release May 15, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle continues to break records in 2017 as they add another new member location to the map of Canada.

The newest independent to open its doors as Castle Building Centres is Buchanan Hardware, located in Parry Sound district of Port Loring, Ontario. Historically, Port Loring was known as a central logging centre in the early 1900s, positioned on the shore of Wilson Lake. Today, Port Loring is a booming outdoor adventure tourism town and part of the “new” Muskoka township.

The family-run business was founded in 1929 and evolved over the years, and three generations later, the business is poised for its next transformation as it plans to expand into the LBM market. Sisters Cathy, Karen and Patricia, along with their mother Betty, recall their family’s passion and drive to continuously re-think and expand the family business, and feel it has been a key factor in their success.

“Our children are eager to get involved in the family-run business and we wanted to secure their future before passing the reins to the next generation. We wanted to see the business continue to grow and flourish, and for this reason we chose to join Castle. Unlike other groups, Castle chooses to focus on the success of their members and that’s what our family needs so we can continue to grow in the future.” Buchanan Family

Their five-acre lot will provide the backdrop for their LBM expansion complementing their current retail hardware, garden centre and gas bar business. The Buchanan’s, with the help of Castle’s extensive product assortment, aspire to be the leader in hardware and building materials in Port Loring and the surrounding area.

“Independents who get to know Castle discover what so many other Independents have already: Castle’s winning business model is the future of the Independent LBM retailer” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

Castle would like to welcome Buchanan Hardware to the family.

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Castle announces new member in Quebec Region

News Release May 3, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Canada’s fastest growing buying group continues to grow nationally, with the announcement of a new Castle location in Quebec. Habrico, centrally located in Saint Christophe D’Arthabaska, is the newest Castle location in the Quebec region.

The new specialty retail concept store and grand showroom was first conceptualized by owner Michel Lamontagne. He wanted to offer customers with a wide variety of home renovation solutions that include design, supply and installation services. The store will be offering customers a full range of building materials, hardware and home improvement products. Their design experts will assist future home renovation customers with before-and-after visuals to help make their product and design selections easier. An expert installation team will also be available for those customers looking for a turnkey solution.

“Castle offered us the opportunity to be part of a national buying group while remaining focussed on our store specialization. Castle’s flexibility and impressive national brand buying power, were exactly what we were looking for.” Michel Lamontagne, Owner

“Castle offers independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to be part of a national banner, while giving them the freedom to preserve independence vision. We are pleased to welcome Michel and Habrico to the Castle family.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

After a successful Grand Opening and introduction to the community, Habrico is now open for business.

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The Momentum Continues as Castle Announces Two New Member Locations

News Release April 25, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Just off the heels of another successful Annual General Meeting, Castle announces two new member locations in the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick & Nova Scotia.

Graves Barns & Buildings Ltd. was founded in 1974 and has two locations, one located just on the outskirts of Moncton, and the other in greater Halifax.

Graves Barns & Buildings first opened its doors in the 70s when industrial designer Lorne Graves, along with his wife Mary Ellen embarked on a design-build venture hoping to address the local need for pre-fab shed and barn designs in the area. Their business model and the demand for Graves’ top quality designs has grown extensively over the years along with the family. Their two sons and daughter have all been involved in the company since a young age and together have grown the business into two thriving locations.

Owner Lorne Graves and his family have owned and operated the business for over 40 years and considered that it might be time to look at the benefits of joining a buying group, given their building material and speciality products needs.

“We love our independence and that’s why we loved what Castle had to offer. Hearing such positive words from our trusted vendor partners helped make the decision easier. I knew Castle would be the best fit for us.” Lorne Graves, Owner

Lorne has spent the better part of his lifetime dedicated to the building industry and is a highly respected authority in New Brunswick. He has served on many regional organizations including the role of President of the New Brunswick Home Builders Association, and President of the Moncton Home Builders Association. The Graves family is excited to rebrand the locations as Castle and welcome in the next chapter of the business.

“Independents are definitely risk-takers, but not with their independence. When considering the benefits of being part of a buying group, they want the reassurance that their buying group will give them the buying power and support they need, while still allowing them to stay true to their independence. That’s why they choose Castle.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

Castle welcomes Graves Barns & Buildings to the family.

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Castle Announces New Location In Western Canada

News Release April 6, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today that a new member has joined the group, this time in the prairie province of Saskatchewan.

Riel Trail Building Supply is the newest independent retailer taking their future success into their own hands by joining the Castle group. Riel Trail Management has been in the RTM and modular building manufacturing industry for almost three years, and the idea of owning and operating an LBM retail location seemed to be a natural progression for the entrepreneurs.

Strategically located only eight minutes south of Saskatoon in the municipality of Dundurn, the new retail store will service a radius spanning 100 km in the surrounding area with a complete line of lumber, building materials and hardware. Their established wholesale channel spans a radius even further and includes contractors, home builders and developers in the region.

Gaetan Blouin, CEO and President of Riel Trail, is the founder of Riel Trail Management Ltd., and along with his partners have developed a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for this new venture.

“When we embarked on this new division of our business, we did a great deal of due diligence and our findings led us to one conclusion about who to partner with; it was the Castle group or nothing.” Gaetan Blouin, CEO and President

Riel Trail Building Supplies plans to promote their new location to the intended markets through direct marketing, strategic advertising on web and through social media. They will be hosting regular contractor events and a big grand opening celebration in late summer.

“Riel Trail Building Supply is yet another great example of successful independent entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, putting their trust in Castle’s winning business model. Our business model continues to prove that Castle is the way of the future for independent LBM dealers in our industry. We welcome Riel Trail Building Supply to the Castle family.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

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Castle Member Grows Locally in Newfoundland

News Release March 22, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today that long-time member G & H Home Specialties has acquired a second location in Marystown. The acquisition, the former location of a competing retailer in the area, will be known as Peninsula Castle. This new location further solidifies Castle’s dominant presence in this oceanside community of Newfoundland.

Derek Fudge, Owner and President of G & H Home Specialties, recognized the opportunity to expand when a well-respected lumberyard in the area decided to sell their business. Derek believes that Castle’s business model, which allows members to grow organically through increased profitability and a winning buying program, has contributed to his growth potential.

“The low cost of the Castle business model and independence has made my business profitable in a very competitive marketplace. It has allowed me to focus on bottom line growth through both increased market share and very competitive purchasing. The Castle model also fosters growth of the entrepreneurial spirit and the confidence and flexibility to pursue new opportunities.” Derek Fudge, Owner & President of G & H Home Specialties

The former lumberyard and retail business began in the early 1920s and has serviced the community for over 90 years. Their customer base includes both contractor and retail customers and the store is best known for their expert advice and top level service. Derek plans to hold up this tradition of service excellence, and is looking forward to introducing new product categories, attracting new customers from the community and beyond.

“I have stated numerous times over the past two years that financially adept Independents will be the next wave of significant consolidators in the home improvement channel. Derek Fudge is a great example of the opportunity that exists for well-managed, financially strong Independents in our industry. Derek represents the latest in a growing list of Castle members that are expanding through acquisition. When our members can grow through this type of opportunity, it validates our model is working." Ken Jenkins, President, Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle wishes to congratulate Derek Fudge on this new venture and will continue to provide members the resources and support they need to grow their business, be more profitable and ultimately be more successful!

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Castle announces a new member location in Newfoundland

News Release February 2, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Atlantic Canada seems to be the hot spot this month as Castle announces another new member location, this time in Newfoundland.

G & C Hardware in La Scie, Newfoundland is the newest independent dealer to redefine themselves as Castle Building Centres. The Baie Verte Peninsula coastal town of La Scie is where this family owned and operated business began in 2010. It was founded by locals Glen and Cathy Newbury who have been catering to the local community and surrounding area for many years. Glen and Cathy have built a fine reputation in La Scie as a full-service lumber, building materials and hardware retailer in the area.

Formerly with a competing buying group, the husband and wife entrepreneurs felt that becoming a Castle member would enhance their programs and improve the product selection so they could offer more competitive pricing to their valued customers.

"We are excited to be a part of the Castle Group, and looking forward to better buying programs that will help us grow our business with more product assortment and better pricing that we can pass on to our customers.” Glen & Cathy Newbury

As part of their move to Castle, G & C Hardware will be closing their existing location and moving their business to a larger footprint at a newly acquired store just minutes away. A Grand Opening is planned in the coming months.

“Many independents who are realizing that in order to remain competitive, they need to make the transition to a truly National buying group. Castle is the only National buying group that can offer its members the best national buying programs and unlimited profit potential, while allowing them to maintain their true independence.” Ken Jenkins, President

Castle welcomes G & C to their nationwide family.

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Castle announces new location in Atlantic Canada

News Release January 30, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Castle announced today an additional new member location in the Maritime town of Alma, Nova Scotia. The newest independent retailer to join forces with Castle is Shady Lane Building Centre. Shady Lane Building Centre was founded 10 years ago, by Abe Plett.

Abe, along with his sons Andre and Eldon, who grew up in the family business, have been serving the local community as the go-to place for premium building products in Alma. Their product assortment includes lumber, building material products and hardware. They pride themselves on providing their customers with quality products, top-level service and expert advice.

Although fiercely independent, Abe and his sons knew that it was time to align themselves with a strong partner, and the information they received when they started to weigh their options, pointed to Castle. The real-life testimonials they received from other Castle members who had made the switch to Castle confirmed that Castle should be the future of Shady Lane Building Centre.

“We love our independence, but knew it was time to join a buying group if we wanted to keep growing. We were impressed by the benefits of being part of Castle, and the good things we heard from other members convinced me that Castle was a perfect fit.” Andre Plett, Owner

The family-owned business is looking forward to rebranding the store as Castle Building Centres and enhancing both their profit potential and product assortment, through Castle’s buying power.

“Independent entrepreneurs are in business for many reasons, but first and foremost, they are in business to make a profit. Independent retailers who join our group maintain their independence while consistently reporting record growth and profits. Our promise to our members is that Castle will drive more profits to their bottom line than any other buying group, and Castle delivers on this promise, time and time again.” Ken Jenkins, President

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Castle grows again with another new location in SW Ontario

News Release January 16, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

It’s the third week of 2017 and the Castle momentum is growing. Today they announced yet another new independent dealer has chosen that Castle is where they need to be.

Situated in Southwestern Ontario, Florence Mill Inc. is the newest member location to open its doors to the community as the new Castle Building Centres. Florence Mill is a family-owned and operated business that was founded back in the early seventies. The business evolved into the full-service Lumber, Building Materials and Hardware store it is today, over many years and succession. Today the growing business is owned and operated by Jeff and Sue Rickman, along with their son Chris. They pride themselves on family values and offering great service to their local community in Florence and the surrounding area.

“Florence Mill Inc. is one more example of an Independent seeking a better opportunity to enhance the profitability of their business. Independents like Florence Mill that were aligned with a publicly traded buying group need to ask themselves how much of their hard-earned success are they prepared to pay Wall Street. Dozens of Independents who have converted to Castle are ready to share their success stories.” Ken Jenkins, President

The Rickmans are looking forward to being part of a thriving Canadian buying group that will open the doors to new opportunities and help them to grow additional product categories and expand their reach.

“We are a family-owned Canadian business and our independence is important to us. We wanted to maintain that independence and continue to grow our business, not to become a small fish in a big pond. We chose Castle because they understand these family values and work to help their members become more successful.” Jeff Rickman, Owner

About Castle Building Centres Group

Castle Building Centres Group Ltd. is a Canadian member-owned, Lumber, Building Materials and Hardware buying group committed to the success of the independent.

Our commitment is to drive this success to over 300 Castle member locations and is achieved through unwavering Transparency, Freedom and Profitability.

Our business model focuses on accountability to our membership, member freedom of choice, and a commitment to their success, growth and profitability through strategic partnerships with key vendor partners and a winning hardware distribution solution.

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Castle momentum high with the announcement of another new member

News Release January 12, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Canada’s fastest growing buying group is setting industry records already in 2017 with the announcement of yet another new member location. Matériaux Direct, in La Pocatière, Quebec, is the fourth new member location to join the group in less than a week.

Located near the south shore of the lower Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Matériaux Direct is positioned for success. Entrepreneurs Dany Levesque and Maxime Bossinotte recognized the increasing demand for Lumber and Building Materials (LBM) by the contractors in their market and quickly developed a plan to fulfill this market need and open their first Castle location, Matériaux Direct. Why did Dany and Maxime choose Castle?

“Castle is the best buying group for an entrepreneur. The honesty and the independence they provide to the members and access to all major vendors is what we were looking for. Castle had everything.” Dany Levesque, Partner

Although new to the LBM business, Matériaux Direct is already positioned for success and rapid growth through their contractor network. They are confident that with Castle’s support and buying power, the store and lumberyard will grow with more competitive pricing than the competition, and their entrepreneurial spirit. They are planning an official Grand Opening of the new location in early Spring.

“Castle’s track record for success continues to attract both new independent dealers and those dealers looking for real growth potential. There are no empty promises or financial incentives with Castle, just proven profit potential through our winning business model and the true independence that other groups simply cannot deliver.” Ken Jenkins, President

Castle would like to welcome Matériaux Direct to the family.

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Castle Announces Two New Locations In Quebec

News Release January 11, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Following the news of a new member location just days ago, Castle Building Centres Group announced today an additional two new locations, this time in the province of Quebec.

Quincaillerie Touraine, with locations in Gatineau and Cantley, is the newest independent to move away from the uncertainty of a competing banner, to the stability of Canada’s fastest growing buying group. The flagship location in Gatineau was established almost forty-five years ago by the Lacroix family, who added a second location in 2005 on a 10-acre footprint. Today, the family business is thriving and consists of two retail stores and large warehousing spaces. The family business is now owned and operated by Claude Lacroix, who is looking to take the business to a new level with continued growth.

“The business needed to be more competitive and have better profit margins. I was looking for a buying group that would give me that and one that was solid and transparent. This is the reason that I chose Castle.” Claude Lacroix, Owner

Both locations include an extensive product assortment including lumber, building materials and hardware. Quincaillerie Touraine’s retail and contractor business has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The company is looking forward to adding to their retail product offering with additional home improvement products and national brands through Castle’s buying power. The stores will celebrate their Grand Openings as Castle Building Centres in early Spring.

Castle President, Ken Jenkins recently commented on the new location. “We are pleased to welcome another successful and rapidly growing independent business to the Castle group. Keep your eyes on the province of Quebec; we are anticipating big changes in this region in 2017.”

Castle would like to welcome Claude Lacroix and the Quincaillerie Touraine staff to the family.

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Castle kicks off the New Year with a new member in Western Canada

News Release January 9, 2017

Mississauga, ON - Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.

Fresh off the heels of another industry leading year, Castle Building Centres Group is heading into 2017 with their first new member location in Western Canada.

RenPRO Renovation Professionals is the latest independent dealer to join Canada’s fastest growing buying group.

Located in Outlook, Saskatchewan, less than an hour from Saskatoon, RenPRO has been serving the local community with their home renovation needs for over 25 years. Owner Greg Haapala is committed to helping professional renovation contractors and home owners with expertise and quality renovation solutions. Their retail store includes a wide assortment of home improvement products, design build services, as well as a designer flooring showroom. The business includes a full service renovation and construction team, ready to take on new projects from the ground up.

As an independent entrepreneur, Greg’s decision to join a buying group after 25 years wasn’t an easy one, but after considering his options, the choice was clear.

"We simply loved the flexibility that Castle offered. The business model allowed us to maintain our independence and continue serving our market with the products and services that work best. Castle doesn’t dictate what to buy and when, we make all decisions and this will allow us to grow our business at our own desired pace.” Greg Haapala, Partner

As a new Castle member, RenPRO Renovation Professionals will expand their product offering in all product categories including interior and exterior home renovation and construction products. Access to additional LBM products through Castle, will help RenPRO better serve their home builder and new construction customers and expand their existing opportunities in this market.

“Castle is very pleased to start off 2017 with a new member announcement. RenPRO is a great example of a successful independent entrepreneur putting their trust into Castle’s winning business model. A business model that is proving to be the way of the future, for independent LBM dealers, for this industry. We welcome RenPRO to the Castle family.” Ken Jenkins, Castle President

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