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    We believe in Castle. They are upfront, honest and 100% transparent. If you have any questions, get in touch with me at 1-902-830-0972. HAROLD MILLS, NOVA SCOTIA BUILDING SUPPLIES, Blockhouse & Chester NS

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    "In the year I switched to Castle, I was able to grow my business over 20%... I'm ecstatic! I have a lot of competition around me. I am now confident I'm able to compete and give my customers the best products and the best price." NATHALIE BASQUE, SAUMAREZ QUINCAILLIE, Saumarez NB



You work hard for your rebates. You deserve to keep 100% of your rebates.

As a Castle shareholder, you get your rebates on time, every time. You have all the information online to see and calculate your rebates. Our rebate policy couldn't be simpler: we return 100% of vendor rebates to dealers based on purchase volumes.

You get audited financial statements. There are no secret withholds, no surprises, no hidden charges. In fact, Castle welcomes questions from members about payments and even Castle's own corporate balance sheet. All you have to do is ask. The best part is, you get 100% transparency.

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